Fall Lake Township


Fall Lake Township is located within Lake County, which was founded on February 20, 1855 as a Superior County. However, on March 3rd of that year, the Lake County name was changed to St. Louis County. Then on March 1, 1856, the St. Louis County name was changed back to Lake County and Newton County, to the West of Lake County, was renamed St. Louis County. The name Lake County was selected for Lake Superior.

Prior to the arrival of the Europeans, the area had long been inhabited by Native groups. At the time of European contact, the principal Native American groups in the region were the Dakota (Sioux) and Ojibwe (Anishinabe or Chippewa). The economy of these groups was based on hunting, fishing and gathering with wild rice being of particular importance. The first Europeans to explore the area were the French in the late 1600s. They were followed by trappers, fur traders, missionaries and explorers.